Another Snook Bites The Hook

I had bought a fishing book, on how to catch a snook; It said: "to find a spot to fish, you only need to look". A stream, a river, an ocean, a lake. Just get yourself a pole, and a hook for them to will soon have fish, the size of your plate!All that's left is bait.

Do Fish Go Fishing?

The Sailfish are looking for a sale on sailboats again,While a Sunfish just wants to catch a tan.And the Clams, Are just clamoring seeking a friend. As the Grouper keep grouping,To hear the Tuna fish sing a fisherman's song: The Parrot fish, will sometimes sing along.And the grunts may grunt strong,But its an underwater party so keep your Tarpon.Try to be a good, like an angel-fish that is going to heaven. So don’t be an Eel, and not catch feels.For the fish that reeled in them all!

Some Uncle New Keepsake

I once bought a ship that had sunk twice,It wasn't free but was surely worth the price.It had rusty fenders, and was one of a kind.Had no front end, and no engine behind. To me it was the prettiest thing I ever saw,Just had to get it up off the bog.It sat at my dock till i was a year older,But beauty is in the eye of the boat-holder.

The Turtle Hurdle

I'm just a turtle learning the hurdles,Trying to Train for the olympics,Got winning on the brain, Just gotta get my fix.I've got many obsticles in my way to overcome,Can't stop now till the race is done. I've passed a few barriers,May have crossed a few lines.But my love i still carry her,She stays on my mind,Everyone else was left behind.

The Wheelies On The Truck

The weather is here to stay, Oh god!She hasn't been driven in a year to the day, Oh Lawd!I hope the car holds out a little longer, Hot-Rod.Started my car on a warm summer day: Made of rubber, not lead.I've got spark, but no tread. Oh, The wheels on the car keep on burning.I Don't think I'll make it home tomorrow,The wheels on the car keep on burning. I was trying to drive away from home,Got to put out the fire, before the lawn.I can't take this much longer,Just then it started to rain. Don't think I'm ever going to leave home again.The morning clouds were rising,It was ruining my day. Oh, the wheels on the car keep on burning.I Don't think I'll make it home tomorrow,The wheels on the car keep on burning. The rain put out my sorrow.

When Penguins Fly

I've seen Paris, I've seen England.I've seen a overzealous flock of penguins.I've seen a silly thing, or two.Like how sometimes red blood turns blue. I've seen a liar tell the truth,I've seen Lawyer get a Lawsuit.I've seen a window with no view.But nothing compares,To as crazy as you.

All You Can Eat

No whining when the sun is shining,No complaining when the skies are raining,No wailing when the clouds are hailing,No reason not to fish the seasons. Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall.I want to catch some fish, I want to catch them all.A bad day of fishing, is better than one with no fish.When I eat them, I say "delish". You can bet I'll get my catch,Or be a monster, and eat a lobster.But to catch some fish, and go from plate to dish.All you can eat, is all that I wish.

Gallons For Galleons

There was a farmer Dan,And he was quite the charming man.He owned many cows that all were brown,and sold chocolate milk by the pound. A Gallon for a Galleon,A Liter for the Leader.Everyone wanted to take a sip,The trick is to feed cows chocolate. So when you throw away a chocolate bar,Remember there are hungry cows in the barn.They give their milk every day in pain,So don't let their milk go to waste in vain.

Change For Brains

You can pick a penny,Give it to many.Drop a dime,Make it mine. Tickle a nickle,Order a pickle.Swallow a quarter,The list gets shorter: To make a dollar.That's all it takes,to be a father.

The Fountain Of Youth

I wanted to visit The Fountain Of Youth.I've been there twice before to tell the truth.The spot is secret; it's right by the ocean waves.Can't tell a soul, you keep a secret to the grave.I wanted to bring my kin,but the voyage is full of sin.You have to take trip by boat, or car.for some people, it's very far. just one dip in the fountain,and you'll be young forever.The spell that was cast was very clever,It only works if you return again together. I want to return to give it one final inspection.Now I'm getting old and forgot the directions.I just want to return to see my reflection,But I'm a man, so I threw away the instructions.

Save The Last Beer

I wanted to make a mixed drink.Grabbed some whiskey from under the sink.I also wanted a can of coke.So i reached in the cooler,Looking for a can that floats. The water was warm, and the ice was melting.The sun burned, and the heat was sweltering.So instead of trying to make a mixed drink in fear of the heat,You just open another can of beer, and have a seat.

The Vandal

I went to the lake to go fishing.Parked my car, left the keys in the ignition.Was gone for about an hour or so,I thought it would be safe, you know?I came back to one big hassle,Because someone robbed my car, a rascal.The vandal didn't steal the car,They just took the handle.

The Wishing Well

If i got one wish, I'd wish for this:You can wish for fame, you can wish for wealth.You can wish for love, and health.You can pick a life to avoid death. You could have all the gold, and gems like diamond rings.You could pick power and become a king.You could wish for a million things. But I can tell you what your missing.Stop wishing, and just go fishing.

Ice Fishing

I had a cousin that sold worms by the dozen.He could barely speak; could only mumble,But every fish he caught was jumbo. We went fishing on the frozen ice,He caught more than I by twice.I Asked him what his secret was:He spit out a worm and replied. "You have to keep your worms warm,Or the fish will run and hide".

Dance Lessons

Do you want to dance like me?I can teach you for a fee,Teaching dance lessons for a dollar or three. In my backyard is a sight to see.Full of ant hills that are as big as could be.Just sit on the ants, and learn how to dance.Guaranteed or it's free.

The Keeper Of The Keys

The keeper of the keys,Can always find me.From the west coast to Miami.Unlocking All of the mysteries,Of what it takes to make a family: A ring, A gown, A smile, A frown.A baby given hand me downs.A crib, A bib, A blanket, A nookie.A person to share with all the cookies. Feed his hunger, quench his thirst.Everyone knows; baby comes first.

All In Good Taste

Do you believe in Magic?If Aladdin sold his car pet's ride,And if dumb just got dumber.Should we still call a plumber? People really need to learn their role.Because if you were a model,You shouldn't be drinking Modelo's.You should be earning gold medals. So if you don't have any chaser,Remember who got first place.My drink of choice is just a taste,So pour a sip and make a face. Cheers to those that are good and wait,A toast to everyone that believes in fate.

Kingdom Of Hearts

A King and Queen found true love,With help from guidance up above.How did you become so perfect?A beautiful story is always worth it. I'd share with you everything i can,Like raising a boy into a man.From diamonds and pearls, to baby girls.All were taught to love the world. If you don't know which way to start,All you have to do is follow your heart.I'm not the captain, but I know a way.Always keep your word, and do what you say.

Yo She’s My Girl

Yo, she's my girl we ride together,Like flying two birds with one feather.We have a castle hidden away.She waits for you at the door. A true love forever more.I'll wait patient for her as well,was just trying to break a new record still. I no longer care about the score,I just want to see you in my world.

The Lord Of The Drool

The Lord of the droolers,Was the most fit ruler.He created the first rainstorm,Just by trying to brainstorm. He planted the apple tree,By loosing his sanity.He was much more than a fool,Just a man, That learned how to drool

Pizza And Harmony

There was a beautiful girl that brought harmony,To a man that sang the blues on a harmonica.He made her pizza, and saved a sliceShe liked to play cards, and roll the dice. A piece for me and a peace for you,Another pie I bring to you.I'll make you dinner till the very end,Pizza and harmony go hand in hand.

Breakfast And The Beast

I met a magical bunny that said "tricks or treats"A leprechaun that wanted only sweets,My favorite tiger said "They were great"I believed in them, and believed in fate They all claimed they had balance,Yet all had problems at first glance.Too silly, too short, too strong and mean.And none of them knew how to clean. So when you eat some breakfast next,Try and remember who served it best.

The Spoils of Love And War

Thank you to the glory of Mother Nature,You have given me Hope.From the Flight of the Bumblebee,To a Butterfly as pretty as Thee. I turned with a smile to the Flowers and Trees,To make some nectar for Me.I wanted to share some Honey,With my beautiful Family. And to this day: I've been Loyal,That's why "Hunny" never spoils

Hickory Deck Or Dock?

There was a man that had a mansion;On a hill above the lake.He lives just down the road,And through the wooden gate. He wanted to build a dock of great proportions,But the price would mess with his emotions.He wanted pine, maple, and birches.But hickory, was all he could purchase. It was built from the shore to his front door.The people of town would look at it unsure;"A hickory deck or a dock?"They couldn't tell if it was either or

Sweedish Fishing

There was a man from Sweden that liked to fish.He caught a magical tuna that said it would grant any wish:All the man wanted; was a dinner fit for a king,And a woman beside him, with a voice that could sing. The fish agreed, sang a tune,And transformed into a queen.The man was very keen,But asked one thing:"What is for dinner, What'll it be?" Her reply, was "Chicken of the Sea"

Spell Book Bound

If witches weren't wicked, they would be wizards;Like snakes, reptiles, and lizards.There is no difference between dinosaurs,and animals that walk on all fours. If your a creature, be creative.Because nature doesn't always nurture.So if your awake today, or nocturnal.Try to read a book or journal.

The Silent Llama

Ah, silence at last;No more arguments, no more drama,No more headaches, no more trauma.No more questions about my Llama. Alpaca my things,I know where i'm going.My suitcase is ready,I don't care if it's snowing. I'm leaving this place.No matter the cost.What's it to you?You've already lost.

The Mysterious Box

There was a box that was handed to me:That had a lock and had a key.I tried to keep it secret,As secret as could be. But all the keys were taken away from me;I lost my car, a red corvette.I lost my house, I lost a bet.I kept on going to try and see. That all those things didn't represent me.

Mission Lunch: Able

We went to get groceries from the local store;But every-time we went, we always wanted more.There was eggs and cheese, And frozen things,Peanut-Butter, and onion rings. But there was one thing that was always ready:It was either that, or you get spaghetti.This great thing you could find at the market,Was some lunch Able shared with Margaret.

Mary Had A Little Lambo

Mary had a little Lambo,She had a little Hamburger,She had a little Chicken Nuggets,And had a little Fish Sticks. Her car was white as snow.Now her vehicle is red again,Thanks to that killing blow.Mary had a little deer, Little bunny,Little squirrel.Mary had a little bird,All of their names were roadkill.

Sunday Funday

There was one day of the week,That was always holy.We would play hide-and-seek,And wack-a-mole. Chips and Dip;Cookies of chocolate chip.Board games, and table tennis,Lemon drops, and trips to Venice. Swan boat rides,And water slides.Everyone loved Sunday Funday.The only problem:Today was Monday.

The Unsinkable Happened

There was a boat with a captain,He had nothing but a dream.To set sail for the land of the free; The waves were rough,They crashed the rocks into the sea. But then one day the man had an idea:A secret potion to get past the ocean,He said, "Alcohol is the key".

Cirle Of Life

Nature is green,Animals are mean.Survival of the fittest,Another surely missed. Circle of life,Worm's delight.Always alert,Making dirt. For tree's to grow,Wisdom to know.Your place in this Earth,Predestined at birth.

The Perfect Storm

The Perfect Storm:The Winds were Howling.The Trees were Swaying.The Oceans were Trembling.The Clouds were Raining.The Lightning was Bolting.As the Thunder was Rumbling.That was the only day,Not to go Fishing.

The Lady From Peru

There once was a lady from Peru:She always tried to stick in the house like glue.But then one day, She strayed away;And found herself in a pile of Stew.The soup was too hot! she exclaimed,And everyone knew who to blame.So she had to walk the walk of shame;Back to her country from which she came.

The Man From Nantucket

There once was a man from Nantucket:He was looking for his lost bucket.He went traveling across the sea.And found a man that liked to drink tea.The tea was a little sweet, alotta sour.They argued about the recipe for hours.But then one day, they gave it away;The secret ingredient was balance.