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We here are a dedicated people trying to clean up the world one swear word at a time.If our website has helped you in any way please feel free to send us a donation. To help us keep this website running and advertisement free,we would like you to try to be part of family and spread the awareness of living a swear-word free life.If you mess up, don't worry. You can always use us as your personal little swear jar :) We will try our best to pay that appreciation forward.


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Below is a list of over 50+ of the most frequently used swear words and phrases, and their “Healthy Alternatives” to say instead.

All of the original language of swear words will be bleeped out for your convenience, but with enough imagination I’m sure you will be able to still decipher them, and understand the terms being used.

  • What The Hell? = What The Heck
  • Son Of A Mother F*cker = Son Of A Mother Trucker
  • Oh, Sh*t = Oh, Snap
  • Oh My God = Oh My Goodness
  • For God’s Sake = For Pete’s Sake
  • I Don’t Give A Mother F*ck = I Don’t Give A Donald Duck
  • Hot Sh*t = Hot Diggity
  • Sucker = Suckerfish
  • Sh*ts And Giggles = Tit’s And Giggles
  • Sh*t On A Stick = Frick On A Stick
  • Dumb @ss B*tch = Dumb Bass Ditch
  • F*ck Face = Duck Face
  • C*nt Licker = Lint Licker
  • Kiss My @ss = Kiss My Cheeks
  • Sack Of Sh*t = Sack Of Dirt
  • Some B*tch Somewhere = Some Beach Somewhere
  • For F*ck’s Sake = Four Five Six!
  • Holy Mother F*cker = Holy Motherboard
  • Turn This Sh*t Around = Turn This Ship Around
  • D*mn Right = Darn Skippy
  • Tough Sh*t = Tough Cookies
  • Dipsh*t = Dipstick
  • F*ggot = Fudge Packer
  • F*cknuts = Corn Nuts
  • @sshole = Ice Hole
  • Pissed = Ticked
  • @ss = Glutious Maximus
  • D*mn = Dang
  • An*s = Uranus
  • D*ck Head = Richard Cranium
  • F*cked Over = Pushed Over
  • Go F*ck Yourself = Go Fly a Kite
  • Rat’s @ss = Raz Taz
  • C*nt = See You Next Tuesday
  • F*ck You = Lucky You
  • God D*mn = Dog Gone

  • Mother F*cker = Muffin Sucker, Mother Trucker
  • Jesus = Jeeze Louise, Cheeses
  • Jesus Christ = Cheese and Rice, Jiminey Cricket, Cheese and Crackers
  • Christ = Crikey
  • God = Gosh, Egad, Garsh
  • God D*mn It = Gosh Darn It, Dagnabbit, Dang Rabbit, Dodge Ram it
  • Hell = Heck, Helicopter, Hail
  • Holy Sh*t = Holy Cow, Holy Guacamole, Holy Mackeral, Holy Moley, Holy Macaroni, Holy Carp
  • Bullsh*t = Bull Spit, Bull Shark, Bogus, Bologna
  • Son of a B*tch = Son of a Biscuit, Son of a Gun, Son of a Beach, Sunny Beach, Son of a Fish, Son of a Glitch, Son of a Parent
  • Good Sh*t = Good Grief, Good Gravy
  • Sh*t = Crap, Dookie, Poop, Shucks, Shrikes, Poo, Sheet, Turd, Shoot, Sugar, Shiitake Mushrooms
  • B*tch = Witch, Peach, Beach
  • Shut Up = Shush, Zip it, “Go Eat a Sandwich”
  • What the F*ck = What the Flux? What the Foxtrot? What the Fudge? What the Fog?
  • F*ck = Fornicate, Fiddlesticks, Fudge, Frack, Farkle, Firetruck
  • F*cking = Flipping, Fricking, Frigging, Fiddling
  • Get the F*ck Out = Get the Flock Out
  • Shut the F*ck up = Shut the Front Door
  • Life is a B*tch = Life is a Beach
  • Don’t Let The Sh*t Hit The Fan = Don’t Let The Chips Hit The Fan

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